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Best-selling Author in U.S. History to Open Nation’s Largest Free Outdoor Christian Music Festival

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About LifeLight

LifeLight Communications is a faith-based, non-profit 501c(3) organization. We exist to bring people together across denominational lines to reach out to our community and beyond with the message of hope & love of Jesus Christ. We facilitate numerous concerts, movies, mission trips, and other events by partnering with churches, businesses and other ministries. Our largest event is the LifeLight Festival held annually at the Wild Water West Park on Labor Day weekend.

LifeLight has become the leading Christian concert promoter in the region.  We strive to facilitate concerts and events that glorify God and communicate the message of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant way.  LifeLight has brought in to numerous cities, some of the biggest names in the industry including, Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, Sonic Flood, Newsong, ZoeGirl, Superchic[k], Pillar, Skillet, Petra & Go Fish.  In addition, LifeLight often includes local and regional talent in its events.  We believe everything should be done with excellence for the Lord.  Our goal is to provide a top quality event with a message.

Our Ministry

LifeLight's goal is to reach those seeking the hope and love of Jesus Christ through contemporary Christian media and short-term mission trips.


In 1998, founders Alan and Vicki Greene took their family on a mission's trip to Juarez, Mexico.  The Greene’s were amazed by the things they saw God do.  Witnessing how boldly the Christians on that trip were able to tell the Mexican people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ inspired them to wonder why the gospel couldn’t be spread as boldly in their own community.  From this passion to spread the gospel, LifeLight began.  LifeLight is a nonprofit, faith-based 501c(3) organization that is committed to reaching people with the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We do this through concerts, festivals, and family mission’s trips.  In addition LifeLight facilitates, the National Day of Prayer, the 9/11 Memorial Event, Christian movies, and numerous other community and outreach events year-round.  Our goal is to work with churches, businesses and other ministries to bring Christian encouragement and entertainment to our communities that can change people’s lives.

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, LifeLight began its ministry in 1998 with the first festival held on a church lawn.  The festival (held annually over Labor Day weekend) later moved to the W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds. In 2003, more than 100,000 people attended the 3-day event.  Hundreds of people came to know Jesus with many, many more recommitting their lives to Christ.  There are two unique aspects of the LifeLight Festival; it is a FREE event, and our Sunday morning, city wide worship service crosses denominational and doctrinal lines and draws many area churches together to participate and worship as one body of believers.  LifeLight is part of the local community and has nationally become a model for the Body of Christ coming together to reach out to each other as well as the world.

Name and Logo

The spotlight cross in the background of our logo indicates a deeper purpose. It's the message of Jesus Christ behind the media that's the true Light of Life.

The name "LifeLight" indicates our desire and commitment to help those living in darkness find the true Light of Life, Jesus Christ.

Scripture Basis

John 8:12 is our scriptural purpose:

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

Our Audience

While we reach a broad audience through our events, we particularly hope to serve teens and young adults. Many teenagers and young adults need more spiritual direction in their lives.

A survey by Josh McDowell ministries of 3,795 churched youth throughout the United States and Canada discovered the following:

70% of students believe what is right for one person in a given situation might not be right for another person who encounters the same situation.

38% of teens admit they sometimes wonder is life is worth living, and 5% have attempted suicide.

71% believe when it comes to morals and ethics, the truth means different things to different people and no one can be absolutely positive that they have the truth.

38% say that lying is sometimes necessary.

66% lied to a parent, teacher or older person in the last 3 months.

18% of teens have engaged in sexual intercourse by the age of 16, and 27% by the age of 18.

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