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Command Two is a
non-denominational organization that desires to reach the community of Sioux Falls through prayer. The dedicated people at Command Two pray daily and would love to pray for you or your loved ones.

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Prayer Support for the LifeLight Festival

The purpose of this event is to proclaim Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. This is an evangelism event, and we know that our enemy will be trying to thwart our efforts. Whether you are able or not to provide either a time or financial contribution, you can pray. And we ask that you will faithfully pray.

Throughout the months before this event, we will be posting LifeLight prayer needs on this page. We ask that you would stop back at this page from time-to-time and continue to pray for this festival.

Meet and pray with us for LifeLight Festival 2005

Every Monday Night at 7 PM until the week of the festival.
Meet at Wild Water West Water Park at the Northeast corner of the Water park.

LifeLight Prayer needs:

Pray that God will begin to prepare the hearts of those who are not saved.

Pray the God's Word will go forth through the music and speaking.

Pray for the salvation of those who do not know Christ.

Pray for the artists as they minister. Pray for their safe travel to Sioux Falls.

Pray for the special speakers.

Pray for the LifeLight staff and board - that God will give wisdom and direction.

Pray for a smooth going festival.

Pray for the financial needs of LifeLight.

Pray for great festival weather on the Labor Day weekend.

Pray for the Wild Water West Park and staff.

Pray for the hundreds of volunteers that make this festival work.

...And we will be praying for you as you attend the festival that you will grow closer to God and He will use you to touch the lives of those you are bringing to the festival.

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