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LifeLight Speakers

Alan Greene
LifeLight Founder

n 1998, LifeLight founders Alan and Vicki Greene took their family on a missions trip to Juarez, Mexico.  The Greene’s were amazed by the things they saw God do.  Witnessing how boldly the Christians on that trip were able to tell the Mexican people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ inspired them to wonder why the gospel couldn’t be spread as boldly in their own community. 

From this passion to spread the gospel, LifeLight began.  Alan Greene is committed to reaching people with the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our goad is to work with churches, businesses and other ministries to bring Christian encouragement and entertainment to our communities that can change peoples lives.

When Alan speaks, it's from his heart and his call to reach the lost. Alan will come and speak to your church or organization about the LifeLight Festival, LifeLight missions, and to share the Gospel of Christ.

Barb Frick

"Tweny-six year ago at the Ladies Center in Omaha, NE, my baby girl died by abortion. For seven years, I distrusted and questioned my very core being, the essence of who I am. Then I met Jesus! I am forever grateful and indebted to His plan of redemption and forgiveness of sin. God forgave me, loves me, and gave me a second chance."

Barb's goal is to tell the truth about abortion and its consequences. She is a motivational and inspirational speaker to both youth and adults. As a LifeLight board member since 2001, she has served as volunteer and seminar coordinator. She has been speaking publically for 18 years, is married and lives in Sioux Falls.

Other topics Barb enjoys speaking on are the gift of forgiveness, overcoming our adversary in everyday life, commonly referred to as a spiritual warfare, our authority as believers, and having a heart of worship.

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