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06/24/05 LifeLight’s goal: Keep traffic on the move

Festivalgoers steered away from intersection


Published: 06/25/05

Driving routes and assigned parking are set up to prevent traffic jams at this year’s LifeLight music festival, according to a plan organizers filed Friday.
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06/24/05 LifeLight finds solution to parking problem


Published: 06/24/05

LifeLight festival organizers have found 20,000 parking spaces near the event's new location and will file a plan today that they say addresses every concern and doubt about this year's move.
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06/12/05 LifeLight founder embraces challenge - ARGUS LEADER


Published: 06/12/05

His announcement last week to switch locations for this year's LifeLight Christian music festival changed plans for a quarter-million people. It energized a band of volunteers that will swell to 1,000 or more by the time the festival starts during Labor Day weekend. And it surprised friends and baffled others. Transplanting a megafestival three months before the opening prayer is not something taught in business school.
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LifeLight's chief need - obtaining concert permit - ARGUS LEADER


Published: 06/12/05

LifeLight needs a permit from Minnehaha County before staging its music festival Sept. 1-4 at Wild Water West Waterpark.
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06/10/05 Day of Fire
Day of Fire has just signed to play at the 2005 LifeLight Festival. Day of Fire literally burns with the intensity of an actual flame. Its driving rock sound is the perfect medium for its hard-hitting lyrics. The music grows organically from the band but the lyrics are straight from the life experiences of front man, Josh Brown.
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06/9/05 LifeLight parking problematic - ARGUS LEADER


Published: 06/9/05

The LifeLight Christian music festival's move to a new location means new challenges as organizers try to secure enough parking for an estimated 240,000 concertgoers in time for Labor Day weekend.
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Electricity, Showering and Toiletry Facilities
We are working hard to make this years festival the best ever. There will be excellent, clean toilet and hand washing facilities throughout the grounds. We have acquired plenty of large commercial tents for shelter and generators will be used for any and all power needs. We're excited about the grounds and are sure you won't be disappointed. All electrical generators for stages and camping, and all showering facilities have been secured for the LifeLight Festival.

Parking and Security
We have traffic and parking coordinators working with the authorities and there will be 24 hr. security as well as 24 hr. first aid available.

Conditional Use Permit
It has been reported that LifeLight does not have a Conditional Use Permit to have the festival at Wild Water West. How this works is that we use the Conditional Use Permit of the organization that hosts the festival. Wild Water West does have a Conditional Use Festival Permit, however we exceed the estimated attendee limit. Wild Water West and LifeLight is cooperating with authorities to increase the permit restrictions.

06/8/05 LifeLight finds a new site - ARGUS LEADER
Next stop for Christian fest: water park


Published: 06/8/05

After four years of packing hundreds of bands and tens of thousands of people into the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds, the LifeLight Christian music festival is moving to a new site.
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06/7/05 Moving the Festival to a better location
LifeLight has reached an agreement and made a very recent decision to move the 2005 LifeLight festival to Wild Water West, located just outside of Sioux Falls in Tea, SD. 
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LifeLight to leave fairgrounds - ARGUS LEADER

Published: 06/7/05

The LifeLight Christian Music Festival - which has drawn tens of thousands of visitors to the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds - will leave that site and move across town for this year's event, organizers confirmed this morning.
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